WHAT IS Shoebox Mentality

It is not just our brand; it is our philosophy. We are an innovative & dynamic custom clothing line.

Shoebox Mentality is about being versatile and on the leading edge in today’s urban clothing market. It means offering our customers creative control and collaboration with every custom order. It provides our customers with the opportunity to express to the world who they are and what their unique style is through our clothing.

Since 2008; we have been learning about the clothing market and most importantly evolving into what our Customers want.

From our Customer feedback, to the love and support of our closest friends and family; we came to the realization that we have something very special, Shoebox Mentality “The Brand”

We are proud of the fact that our Team is involved in every step of our clothing product creation from customizing the colour combos on our shirts, crewnecks, hoodies and track pants; to printing the logos and sewing in woven tags. We do it all!

Customer friendly, fast, efficient; we strive for service excellence and to have your product order in your hands within a reasonable time. We get involved in meeting and exchanging our products with all customers.

The Shoebox Mentality team hopes you enjoy your visit to our website! Once you get to know us you will see how much time, love and most importantly heart goes into what we do.

Thank you all for the love and support; we feel it and we truly appreciate it!

Now it’s time to express yourself!